Dell helps International Relief and Development save $1M

Dell announced that International Relief and Development (IRD) has selected Dell SonicWALL NSA and TZ series firewalls to safely perform its work around the world.

The network security solution has helped IRD save $1 million and create a stable, adaptive and reliable security strategy for its offices across the globe. IRD supports 3,000 people in 47 countries spanning Cambodia, Zimbabwe and Sudan to Afghanistan and Iraq.

The organization was facing challenges due to poor internet connectivity and unreliable power supply.

The need to prioritize network traffic for the right time of day must be carefully balanced with security needs, and it is critical that IRD’s firewalls remain resilient and redundant, even in such challenging conditions.

irdTo protect its data and keep operations running optimally, IRD needed a secure, reliable and resilient platform that was simple to configure; easy to teach other people how to use, support and maintain; and flexible enough to grow with the organization over time, the company said.

Reliable network security is a necessity for enabling IRD to safely and effectively deliver relief and stabilization to the most challenging environments around the world.

Working with Dell partner Solutions Granted, IRD implemented a multi-phased approach incorporating Dell’s TZ and NSA series firewalls to address network security needs as the organization grew and evolved.

With every security parameter covered, IRD has been able to fulfill its mission of reducing the suffering of the world’s most vulnerable populations while providing tools and resources to increase self-sufficiency.

Dell solutions provided IRD with invulnerable security across the network, while offering the ability to safely grow the solution to meet future needs.

IRD deployments often are in war-torn countries with little stabilization and limited resources such as trained support and power. The Dell solutions, which perform effectively under such stressful conditions, often have to switch from city power to generator power, creating dramatic spikes. Consistently, these firewalls have proven highly resilient, with no failures in the 11 years since their deployment, the company said.

IRD has provided $3 billion in humanitarian work around the world since 1998. Dell SonicWALL products are at the center of the organization, providing integrated financial systems to 40 countries, ensuring that financial data is protected so IRD can remain focused on providing aid and relief.

Further, Dell SonicWALL offers simplified, real-time access to data and consistent communications allows IRD to deliver accurate reports to government constituents who conduct ad hoc audits.

Patrick Sweeney, executive director, Dell Security, added, “These solutions reflect the clear tie between technology and the ability to improve peoples’ lives. This is a true case of security enabling richer, more stable environments for communities around the world.”

Mladen Basaric, global IT director, International Relief and Development, said, “Maintaining a highly secure environment is vital to allowing our humanitarian work to continue. We have worked to build a system that is both resilient and redundant, and with Dell SonicWALL Firewalls, we have achieved this result.”

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