Dell endpoint security suite targets Dell and non-Dell systems

Dell has revealed that its new endpoint security suite assists businesses to protect devices from malware attacks, secure data and meet compliance requirements.

The company said in a statement that Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite (DDP | ESS) delivers threat protection, authentication and data encryption with a single management console. DDP | ESS is compatible with Dell and non-Dell systems.

Dell secure works booth

Dell will be the first Tier 1 technology provider to develop endpoint security software which can be used on all workplace devices.

The company is offering the DDP | ESS as a stand-alone software offering for both Dell and non-Dell hardware, and as an integrated offering with Dell commercial laptops, desktops and tablets.

This security suite makes Dell the only Tier 1 technology provider offering customers a single source for purchase and support of hardware as well as a fully integrated endpoint security solution.

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