Cloud services provider Parallels and CertiVox sign security partnership

Infotech Lead America: CertiVox, a Web 2.0 security company, and Parallels, a hosting and cloud services provider, signed a new security partnership agreement.


Brian Spector, CEO, CertiVox

CertiVox will integrate its SkyPin Multi-Factor Authentication Service across Parallels cloud services enablement portfolio, including Parallels Automation, Parallels Plesk Panel and Parallels Plesk Automation.


Parallels will specify CertiVox’s SkyPin service as a single sign-on security and user authentication layer within the Application Packaging Standard (APS), enabling single sign-on capabilities for future APS-packaged hosted applications.


CertiVox’s SkyPin, based upon IEEE, IETF and NIST information security standards and protocols, is built upon the cryptographic strength of elliptic curve cryptography.


SkyPin is more secure and more convenient than a username and password. It is more scalable as integration will potentially provide authentication for millions of Parallels administrators and end-users.


John Zanni, vice president of service provider marketing and alliances, Parallels

“Parallels continues to reinforce its leadership position in the cloud enablement industry, and this agreement is a testament to their dedication to deliver an even higher level of user authentication and security across its entire portfolio,” said Brian Spector, CEO, CertiVox.


The CertiVox/Parallels integration will enable Parallels partners and end-users to log on and authenticate themselves securely using SkyPin two-factor authentication.


Service providers will use SkyPin to authenticate themselves in Parallels software for configuring service options and managing the storefronts and applications they deliver to their end-user customers.


Moreover, hosting customers such as account administrators will log onto their Parallels control panels using SkyPin to configure access to cloud services by users across their businesses. End-users in these businesses will use SkyPin to access the cloud services pre-configured for their use.


“By partnering with CertiVox and our future deployment of its SkyPin technology, we’ll be able to provide Parallels service provider partners and their end users with an even higher level of user authentication and credential protection,” said John Zanni, vice president of service provider marketing and alliances, Parallels.

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