Cisco Secure Firewall for Free

Cisco, the #1 enterprise networking supplier, is offering Cisco Secure Firewall for free to customers to see if it’s right for them.
Cisco booth at MWC 2018“Harmonise your network, workload, and application security while protecting your workers and apps across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments,” Cisco said in its campaign.

“With the right security foundation for your digital shop floor – a Cisco Secure Firewall – you can boost your security resilience while saving time and money.”

Recently, the enterprise networking supplier launched Cisco 3100 Series firewall that makes hybrid work and zero trust practical with the flexibility to help ensure strong return over investment.

Cisco’s 3100 Series firewalls are designed to support hybrid workers. Remote workers can now enjoy up to 17 times faster VPN performance.

Cisco said the 3100 Series firewalls help ensure strong return over investment. Its clustering and high port density flexibility allows your security infrastructure to grow with you.

Cisco’s 3100 Series firewalls deliver 7 times higher inspection throughput and application-based quality of service (QoS), enabling users to securely experience strong video conferencing.

The 3100 Series firewalls from Cisco use machine learning technologies to passively identify user applications and potential threats in encrypted traffic, without decryption, to detect more malware.