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Enterprise IT vendor Cisco today announced the launch of Cisco Cloud Access Security (CAS), Identity Services Engine (ISE) enhancements and Threat Awareness Service.

The strategy of Cisco is to advance its Security Everywhere strategy into the cloud, network, and endpoints with these new security products and services.

Cisco Cloud Access Security provides visibility and data security for cloud-based applications, Identity Services Engine enhancements extend visibility and control for network and endpoints with new location access controls, while Threat Awareness Service provides threat visibility into networks, said Cisco in a statement.

The number of unauthorized cloud applications used by employees in the enterprise is 15 to 20 times higher than CIOs predicted due to Shadow IT, according to Cisco Cloud Consumption Services trend data.

The new Cisco Cloud Access Security (CAS) offering allows enterprises to address complexity as well as increase visibility and control over data in cloud applications.

CAS prevents the uploading of sensitive information and inappropriate sharing of data in the applications to protect cloud-based applications such as Dropbox and

Cisco Cloud Web Security now integrates with CAS and provides branch offices secure direct Internet access with Integrated Services Router 4K router integration, saving on bandwidth costs.

Over 68 percent of enterprises find that employees’ use of mobile devices on their networks has significantly increased endpoint risk.

The Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is extending software-defined business policies for control over more granularly segmented endpoint, user and geographical access.

ISE integrates with the Cisco Mobility Services Engine, enabling IT to enforce location policies that define access to data down to a specific room. This reduces the attack surface, containing network threats, and securing wired, wireless and remote network access.

A new feature of the pxGrid Adaptive Network Control allows partners to leverage ISE to investigate and contain attacks using the network as an enforcer.

Cisco Threat Awareness Service enhances threat visibility of inbound and outbound network activity and highlights potential threats that may require additional attention.

The US technology company is offering the base offer along with the purchase of Cisco SMARTnet Total Care Service. Cisco is also offering its premium offer, with additional functionality, as a yearly subscription.

AMP (Advanced Malware Protection) Threat Grid provides contextual information, extending protection for ASA with FirePOWER Services and AMP for Networks.

OpenDNS Umbrella threat enforcement platform prevents system compromise and data exfiltration over any port or
protocol for both DNS and IP-initiated connections.

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