Cisco enhances Advanced Malware Protection

Cisco has added Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) — developed by Sourcefire — into its content security portfolio of products, including web and email security appliances and cloud web security service.

Enterprise customers will benefit as the integration provides malware-defeating capabilities, including detection and blocking, continuous analysis and retrospective remediation of advanced threats.

Cisco said the enhanced offering extends the option of advanced malware protection for more than 60 million enterprise and commercial users currently protected with Cisco Content Security solutions.


Cisco has also added Cognitive Threat Analytics, acquired last year via Cognitive Security, as an option for Cisco Cloud Web Security customers. Cognitive Threat Analytics uses behavioral modeling and anomaly detection to identify malicious activity and reduce time to discovery of threats operating inside the network. Both Cognitive Threat Analytics and AMP are available on Cisco Cloud Web Security as an optional license.

Cisco claims that the addition of advanced malware technologies to Cisco Web and Email Security solutions, and Cognitive Threat Analytics to Cisco’s Cloud Web Security, have expanded Cisco’s ability to provide more threat-centric security solutions for its customers by expanding attack vector coverage by providing malware protection.

“Epsilon System Solutions takes a proactive stance against sophisticated attacks and turned to FireAMP to help ensure we are doing everything we can to identify, stop and remove threats on the endpoint as quickly as possible,” said Damon Rouse, IT Director at Epsilon System Solutions.

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