Checkpoint presents RFID versions of Mini and Attack Spider Wraps

Checkpoint retail solutionsD
Checkpoint Systems, a supplier of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), RFID solutions and Alpha High-Theft Solutions for the retail industry, announced RFID versions of its Mini and Attack Spider Wraps.

The retail technology company did not reveal the price of the latest products for the retail segment.

The new RFID versions, which were earlier available for use with traditional EAS systems, are suitable for retailers to protect products with RFID technology.

“Retailers are increasing their RFID footprint in stores and as a result Alpha is supporting these retailers with RFID-enabled products to protect high-risk merchandise and ensure merchandise visibility,” Stuart Rosenthal, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Checkpoint’s Alpha High-Theft Solutions, said.

RFID and EAS versions of Mini Spider Wrap offer 32-inch cable lengths to maximize display opportunities for small packaged goods, such as housewares, coffee makers, iPods, mobile phones video game hardware, software zip drives, ink and toner cartridges, etc.

The internal clutch mechanism enables cables to be cinched tightly, providing increased security for smaller boxed merchandise.

RFID and EAS versions of the Attack Spider Wrap offer 70-inch and 102-inch cable lengths to protect medium to large packaged goods, especially heavy merchandise such as TVs, computers, boxed electronics and power tools.

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