CGI to supply authentication certificate services to Volvo Cars

CGI today said it will supply authentication certificate services to Volvo Cars.

As per the deal – announced today — CGI and Volvo developed a certificate solution that enables online connections in Volvo cars using the same security technology used for Internet-based applications and authentication.

Every Volvo car will be provided with its own electronic id document for authorization when connecting to online services. Volvo Cars will install each certificate when the car is manufactured, ensuring reliability and integration with Volvo’s manufacturing systems, market service and cloud environment, said CGI.

Meanwhile, CGI will be the partner to Michelin for its procurement, marketing, sales and corporate finance applications and their development in Europe and North America.

CGI will support Michelin’s transformation program to facilitate daily tasks, while assuring system security and integrity. Optimization of production management at Michelin and acceleration of new product launches are some of the main benefits.

In a statement, CGI said it will be supplying Michelin with consulting, design, and computer application maintenance and support services in Europe and North America.

In addition, CGI will also be applying its agile methodology and business intelligence know-how, as well as its extensive information technologies expertise by way of its French and American teams located in Clermont-Ferrand and Greenville (South Carolina), respectively.

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