CDNetworks expands cloud security with DDoS protection

Infotech Lead America: CDNetworks has expanded Cloud Security with the addition of distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection to the global network of 140 Points of Presence (PoPs).

CDNetworks DDoS protection detects, absorbs, and defends against attack traffic, so the impact is minimized.

Released in Korea in 2008, CDNetworks DDoS protection has effectively mitigated attacks for close to 50 customers, including government websites, gaming sites, and multinational consumer goods, the company said.

The technology now leverages CDNetworks’ 140 PoPs around the globe to provide security that is able to absorb massive amounts of attack traffic for customers located anywhere. Malicious traffic is filtered and quarantined while legitimate traffic continues to flow to customer websites, reducing any impact on end-users and revenue.

DDoS attacks have affected some of world’s largest companies. These unpredictable attacks continue to increase and grow in sophistication by the day. The availability of an organization’s critical systems depends on its ability to adapt and scale across its online infrastructure and protect it from these types of incidents.

Jongchan Kim, SVP of Technology, CDNetworks, added, “Our massively distributed architecture, including PoPs specifically designated for absorbing attacks, protects our Cloud Security service customers from malicious attacks, ensuring their websites are available and reliable for end-users.”

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