BYOD experiences strong resistance in Germany

Over 80 percent of German employers provide their workers with a phone for business and 65 percent of workers purchased their own phone, according to a BYOD survey by Strategy Analytics.

According to the survey, The State of Enterprise Mobility in Germany, device makers, software and apps developers and IT infrastructure providers can address enterprises’ needs, from hardware to software, with security and device management options.

While Germany is adopting mobile and cloud solutions it is also resisting BYOD because of security concerns and doubts about BYOD cost savings.

17 percent of businesses in Germany expect personal-liable tablets to decrease over next year.

Survey mentioned Samsung, Apple, Microsoft Nokia are popular corporate-liable brands and Samsung, Sony, Apple and HTC are popular pre-approved smartphone brands in Germany.

Also, 60 percent of companies in Germany have provided tablet supported by Android, iOS and Windows 8 to employees for work.

This apart, the majority of German companies and their employees regularly replace and upgrade their smartphones and tablets every one-to-three years.

Many German firms have doubts about the security and cost-effectiveness of the BYOD model,” said Gina Luk, Senior Analyst of Mobile Workforce Strategies.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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