BT Security names Kevin Brown as MD replacing Mark Hughes

BT announced the resignation of Mark Hughes and the appointment of Kevin Brown as managing director of BT Security.
BT Security MD Kevin Brown
Mark Hughes is stepping down at the end of this year to take up a new position outside of BT.

BT is one of the world’s biggest providers of cyber security services, with 3,000 experts around the world protecting BT’s operations across 180 countries as well as its customers’ networks.

Its global network of Security Operations Centres protects BT against 125,000 cyber-attacks every month and provides cyber security solutions and services to consumers, governments and businesses, including some of the world’s largest multinational organisations.

Kevin Brown, who joined BT in 2012, has specialised in security throughout his time at BT, and in previous roles has led its global investigation and intelligence teams and driven the modernisation of BT’s protection systems.

Kevin Brown earlier led BT Security’s engagement with international governments, and managed its relationships with law enforcement agencies such as Interpol and Europol.

BT is the UK’s biggest private cyber security employer, and plans to increase its headcount by 25 percent over the next five years to develop cyber security professionals and meets its growth ambition.