BT launches new security service

BT Wednesday launched a new security service called, BT Assure Ethical Hacking for Finance, designed to test the exposure of financial services organisations to cyber-attacks.

The company noted that chances of hacking and cyber crimes have increased as more and more retail financial services move online and electronic trading is one the rise.

“The prospect of accessing confidential financial information is a powerful lure for hackers so few companies attract as much online criminal attention as banks,” said Mark Hughes, president of BT Security.  He added that apart from direct financial loss, a serious hack could lead to irreparable reputational damage.

Assure Ethical Hacking for Finance  provide a range of tests targeted at the various entry points to a bank’s IT systems as well as perceived “weak points” of an organisation. These include phishing scams, mobile devices and hardware from laptops to printers, internal and external networks, databases and complex enterprise resource planning systems.

BT said it not only tests and verifies systems that can access the network but also checks for risks of human failure, for example by using social engineering to test how employees apply the policies in place.

“We encourage all financial institutions to put themselves through a rigorous series of cyber-security simulations, whereby our ethical hacking consultants push the cyber defences of financial institutions to the limit,” Hughes.

Arya MM
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