Bradford Networks integrates FireEye Threat Analytics

Bradford Networks, a provider of rapid threat response solutions, announced it has integrated the Network Sentry/Rapid Threat Response (RTR) with the FireEye Threat Analytics Platform (TAP) helping organizations to detect and contain advanced threats.

The integration will help advance the complex threat assessment, triage, and response process reducing the impact, time, and cost resulting from cyber attacks.

“Advanced attack groups take advantage of siloed security solutions and their inability to detect and correlate the stages of a complex cyber attack,” said Steve Pataky, vice president of worldwide channels and alliances at FireEye.

“TAP is able to correlate FireEye’s threat intelligence with Bradford Networks’ user and endpoint information, which enables context and rapid threat response,” Pataky added.

“TAP’s ability to apply threat intelligence and actionable analytics to enterprise data becomes even more powerful with the addition of Bradford Networks’ Live Inventory of Network Connections,” Pataky said.

The integration of FireEye TAP with Bradford Networks/RTR for FireEye helps enterprises gain risk awareness of every user and endpoint on the wired and wireless network.

They can intercept the risky, vulnerable, and compromised endpoints attempting network connections. Additionally the integration allows them to quickly and easily contain high-risk endpoints that pose a threat to sensitive information. They can also make informed decisions about which user and endpoints should be allowed to establish a connection to the network.

The integration will provide their mutual customers with a combination of advanced threat intelligence and rapid threat response to quickly contain compromised endpoints, said Sanjit Shah, vice president of business development, Bradford Networks.

“Bradford’s unique Live Inventory of Network Connections is playing a critical role in adding context to security events and alerts to accelerate incident response,” Shah added.

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