Barracuda Firewall supports Safe Search and YouTube for schools

Barracuda Networks has enhanced its next-generation firewall products to improve support for redirecting traffic allowing easier integration between discrete firewall and web security appliances.

Barracuda Firewall supports Safe Search on major search engines and YouTube for schools which is designed for single-site K-12 environments.

Additionally, Barracuda Web Filters includes an improved application engine for more advanced accuracy and detection, enabling application visibilities for organizations with legacy Layer 3/Layer 4 firewalls.

Customers can realize the benefits of application detection through the addition of Barracuda Web Filter which is useful for schools.

The company said organizations can enjoy the performance benefits of independently scaling fast packet inspection and full web proxy functions by deploying next-generation firewall and web filtering as separate appliances.

Additionally, the Barracuda Web Filter offers a number of advanced security functions including content policy alerting, and advanced granular reporting.

Barracuda networks

Barracuda has added web security functions to its next-generation firewall products targeting some of the more advanced needs of K-12 organizations.

According to the company, administrators can implement Safe Search and YouTube for Schools enforcement across Barracuda next-generation firewall and web security products.

The new application engine with Barracuda Web Filter is available with version 9.0 and higher.

Transparent redirect, YouTube for Schools and Image Safe Search with Barracuda NG Firewall is available now with version 6.1 and higher.

While, Transparent redirect, YouTube for Schools, and Image Safe Search with Barracuda Firewall will be available in July 2015 with version 6.8 and higher.

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