How Barracuda Firewall F-Series version 7.0 functions


Barracuda explained how its NextGen Firewall F-Series version 7.0 for the cloud era functions.

Organizations are increasingly adopting virtualization, software defined networks and cloud applications such as Office 365, Salesforce and video conferencing.

The NextGen Firewall enables intelligent network perimeters at headquarters, remote and branch offices, and satellite locations to deliver secure, direct, business quality access to applications hosted in private and public cloud environments while minimizing the need to backhaul traffic.

This version of firewall provides security and reliability in these environments, especially for organizations leveraging public cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

Barracuda NextGen Firewall can be natively deployed in public cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure and AWS.

The new version offers administrators an overview of cloud deployments, including dedicated dashboard widgets that display data such as public IP, domain name and DNS name received from the cloud datacenter where the NextGen Firewall is hosted, and the cloud instance type where the firewall is running.

With the new version, customers also can now prevent data exfiltration from botnets and spyware.

Leveraging Barracuda’s global threat intelligence framework through new DNS sink-holing technology, customers have functionality to help prevent confidential data from leaving the organization.

Additionally, the new version offers customers the ability to automatically block macro-enabled office documents, which can easily be used to deploy malware.

Barracuda will demonstrate the cloud-ready NextGen Firewall this week at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, Booth #1731, in Toronto.

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