Barnes & Noble faces cyberattack exposing customer data

US-based bookseller Barnes & Noble has faced a cyberattack which is suspected to have exposed customer data, The Register reported on Thursday.
The cyberattack has impacted the company’s Nook services, an ebook reader and storage platform which was launched in 2009.

The information that the intruders may have got access to include names, addresses, personal information and purchase histories.

A number of Barnes & Noble customers took to social media over the weekend to complain about outages.

While some customers said that they could not access their Nook libraries and the books they had earlier bought, others found difficulty in logging in to the company’s online platform.

“We are experiencing a systems failure that is interrupting NOOK content. We are working to get all NOOK services back to full operation. Unfortunately it has taken longer than anticipated, and we apologize for this inconvenience and frustration,” the official Barnes & Noble Customer Service Twitter handle said on Wednesday.

Barnes & Noble said there is no compromise of customer payment details which are encrypted and tokenized.

“We expect NOOK to be fully operational shortly and will post an update once systems are restored,” Barnes & Noble said.

Barnes & Noble in 2019 appointed Carlo Pochintesta as chief information officer (CIO). Carlo Pochintesta joined the company from Rag & Bone Holdings, where he also served as CIO.

Carlo Pochintesta has more than 25 years in managing IT for multi-billion-dollar businesses across the retail industry, including Rag & Bone, Steve Madden, Gucci America, and Ann Taylor.

Carlo Pochintesta lead information technology, telecommunication networks and computer systems, as well as evaluating the company’s technology resources and strategies.