BadgerDAO reveals hackers steal crypto tokens worth $120 mn

BadgerDAO revealed that hackers have stolen crypto tokens worth $120 million from Blockchain-based decentralised finance (DeFi) platform. Several crypto wallets were drained before the platform could stop the cyber attack.
Dollar spending on technologyBadger in a tweet said it has received reports of unauthorised withdrawals of user funds.

Badger engineers have paused all smart contracts to prevent further withdrawals. “Our investigation is ongoing and we will release information as soon as possible,” the company said.

According to the blockchain security and data analytics Peckshield, the various tokens stolen in the attack are worth about $120 million, reports The Verge. Someone inserted a malicious script in the user interface (UI) of their website.

Badger has retained data forensics experts Chainalysis to explore the full scale of the incident and authorities in both the US and Canada have been informed.

DeFi is a collective term for financial products and services that are open, decentralised and accessible to anyone. DeFi products open up financial services to anyone with an internet connection and they are largely owned and maintained by their users.

While the attack didn’t reveal specific flaws within Blockchain tech itself, it managed to exploit the older “web 2.0” technology that most users need to use to perform transactions.

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