Aurubis faces cyberattack shutting down IT systems

Aurubis, Europe’s biggest copper smelter, said it faced a cyberattack that has forced it to shut down its IT systems and disconnect them from the internet.
IT network security issues
“The IT systems are currently being examined,” Aurubis said on Friday, adding that it was reviewing the scope of the impact.

Aurubis did not provide any further details.

Germany’s cybersecurity agency BSI warned earlier this week that cyber risks were the greatest they had ever been, with high levels of cyber crime and risks related to the war in Ukraine. It said that there did not appear to be any overarching attack campaign against German targets.

Earlier this year, a cyberattack on a satellite communications company knocked out remote control of thousands of wind turbines in central Europe.

Also, a German subsidiary of Russia’s Rosneft was in March the target of a cyberattack by what BSI called “hacktivists” at Anonymous Germany.

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