AT&T expands managed security solutions and cyber security portfolio

AT&T has expanded its managed security solutions (MSS) and announced new capabilities including the industry’s first all-in-one mobile security solution to be launched later this year.

AT&T, which currently manages 24,000 security devices and one million seats for cloud-based security services, is also expanding its cyber security portfolio.

The company will also announce plans to provide customers with end-to-end protection in today’s most critical areas of security including network-based defense, cloud security, secure mobile business, and threat management.

AT&T’s new cyber security solution combines network and device-level security controls with highly-secure virtual private networking, application security and a full suite of mobile device management capabilities. The solution is expected later this year.


The company has added Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) security assessments to its portfolio of consulting services to help organizations evaluate their ability to detect, resist, and respond to targeted cyber security threats.

AT&T security consultants are certified in a variety of security competencies including: Security and Risk Management, Audit and Controls Review, Industry Regulations/Best Practices, Vendor Specific Certifications, and Security Investigations and Forensics.

Further AT&T has doubled its network capacity to manage the growing volume of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and recently added a DDoS protection option for customers deploying critical Web applications, including Content Delivery Networks (CDN).

These enhancements provide customers with greater protection against DDoS attacks by dispersing and absorbing immense volumes of malicious traffic before they reach customer networks, AT&T said.

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