Arbor Networks unveils Peakflow Mobile Network Analysis tools for MNOs

Arbor Networks has launched Peakflow Mobile Network Analysis tools designed to help Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) address the challenges associated with managing the steady rise in mobile data traffic and evolving threats.

The new solution delivers the proper level of visibility into the traffic traversing the mobile packet core, so it can detect the malicious or non-malicious traffic that threatens service availability and performance.

Arbor’s Peakflow Mobile Network Analysis collects telemetry directly from the packet core, providing a wide-angle view of signaling activity through a rich set of intuitive reporting tools that provide detailed signaling flow behavior between SGSN/SGW/MME and GGSN/PGW nodes – for real-time and retrospective analytics purposes and direction and alerting of abnormal signaling message volumes, response times and information element codes – so security and operations teams can quickly identify potential causes, the company said.

Arbor Networks

“Given the high speeds offered by HSPA+ and LTE and the vulnerabilities inherent to BYOD, attackers are undoubtedly attracted to mobile networks as a fast, convenient and readily exploitable platform for conducting malicious attacks,” said Matthew Moynahan, Arbor Networks  president.

The new Peakflow Mobile Network Analysis allows MNOs to see, understand and help stop threats before they negatively impact their infrastructure and services, Moynahan added.

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