Arbor Networks brings Pravail Security Analytics for advanced threat detection

Arbor Networks has unveiled Pravail Security Analytics for advanced threat detection, incident response and security forensics.

The company is offering a free trial of the Cloud solution, enabling users to analyze network packet captures for threats, anomalies and misuse. The free trial allows users to upload up to 1GB of their data for thirty days.

By analyzing data, Pravail Security Analytics can be used for real-time attack response decisions, and by storing the data for future reviews, it can be looped to identify previously undetected attacks using the latest threat intelligence.

Pravail Security Analytics uses big data technologies. An organization can securely upload packet captures to Pravail Security Analytics in the Cloud and be analyzing their data within minutes of a threat being identified.

Arbor Networks

For organizations that cannot upload their packet captures for compliance or regulatory reasons, Pravail Security Analytics can also be deployed as an on-premise solution using distributed Collector appliances.

The Collector appliances can be used to scale out storage or processing capabilities for high speed capture points, or for deployment into multiple locations to provide distributed coverage. The Collector appliances operate in real-time, streaming the security analytics data to the Controller for analysis with virtually no delay.

Full real-time functionality of Pravail Security Analytics is available for network speeds in excess of 10Gbps.

Controllers can also be scaled but aren’t as heavily utilized as Collectors. They store all the metadata and make it available for analysis and can scale to support decades of processed data. At this time Controllers are only available in a physical appliance or of course by leveraging the cloud platform.

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