American Enterprise Bank ensures data security with EVault backup and recovery solutions

EVault, a Seagate company, announced that American Enterprise Bank, a privately owned community bank, has selected EVault’s cloud-connected backup and recovery solutions to ensure security of customer financial data.

The Illinois-based bank selected EVault SaaS, EVault Express Recovery Appliance and EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Service (CDR), with a 24-hour service-level agreement (SLA) to replace its old tap-based backup system. They provide the bank with a reliable, scalable and easy-to-manage solution that also helps it meet the regulatory and security needs.

Fearing additional damaged, lost or stolen tapes and realizing the financial and legal risks associated with compromised data, the company shifted to EVault’s cloud-connected solutions to protect its sensitive financial data across its operating systems, applications and 11 servers. EVault solutions free the bank from the hassles of tape-based backup.


EVault provides the Bank with a reliable data protection and recovery solution, said John Hampson, CIO of American Enterprise Bank. EVault SaaS provides American Enterprise Bank with a secure, automatic, centralized backup of desktops, laptops and servers at the bank’s multiple locations.

Backups are conducted daily and data is replicated and stored to the EVault cloud. EVault Express Recovery Appliance, a preconfigured appliance installed at the bank’s local vault, works hand-in-hand with EVault SaaS to store the bank’s backups locally and then replicates them to the EVault cloud.

With EVault CDR and its 24-hour SLA agreement, American Enterprise Bank has a second tier of data protection. The bank’s data and systems are guaranteed to be fully restored within 24 hours of a disaster and its multiplatform IT environment is fully protected.

“With EVault SaaS, EVault Express Recovery Appliance and EVault CDR, American Enterprise Bank can confidently assure its data is recoverable, fully compliant and safely backed up both locally and to EVault’s failproof Cloud,” said Terry Cunningham, president and general manager of EVault.

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