American Airlines Center selects MicroPower Helios surveillance solution

Infotech Lead India: The American Airlines Center has selected MicroPower Technologies’ MicroPower Helios solar, wireless surveillance solution for its parking lot and perimeter surveillance.

Located in Dallas and host to the Dallas Stars hockey team, Dallas Mavericks basketball team and countless entertainment events, the American Airlines Center is the premier sports and entertainment venue in the U.S.

Joe Heinlein, IT Director, American Airlines Center, said: “We wanted security for both customers and venue employees, while gaining better visibility of parking collections to compare vehicle counts with parking revenues.”

American Airlines Center was looking for a surveillance camera placed directly at critical points of interest to transmit real-time video back to a central monitoring location. Because the parking lots are covered in asphalt and cement, and some are far from the center, trenching and running cables was extremely cost-prohibitive.

Rick Matoy, CEO, Global Security Integration, said: “MicroPower’s wireless approach opens up new market opportunities with customers looking to monitor large expanses of land, such as parking areas, schools and critical infrastructure sites. Mobile aspect of the system leads to endless installation opportunities.”

American Airlines Center said since the MicroPower solution has been in place, the cameras have exposed and changed employee behavior, and cash collections have increased. The MicroPower Helios system provides an immediate and significant ROI for the American Airlines Center.

“The American Airlines Center is an ideal use case for the Helios solar, wireless surveillance solution because it significantly reduced the customer’s installation costs and time to deployment,” said Aaron Tankersley, CEO and president, MicroPower Technologies.

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