Air Canada Addresses Cyber Attack After Unauthorized Access to Internal System

Air Canada recently revealed that an unauthorized group gained brief but limited access to an internal Air Canada system containing personal information of certain employees and specific records. The incident did not impact flight operations systems or customer-facing platforms, and no customer information was compromised.
Air Canada Cyber AttackDetails of the Incident:

Air Canada promptly responded to the unauthorized access, confirming that while a restricted group briefly accessed internal systems, they did not compromise any customer data or disrupt flight operations. The airline has assured that their systems are now fully operational.

Air Canada did not reveal the name of its technology partners, who are responsible for blocking cyber attacks.

Proactive Security Measures:

In light of the incident, Air Canada has swiftly taken action to bolster security measures. The company has implemented additional enhancements to ensure the utmost security and protection of sensitive data.

Air Canada remains committed to prioritizing data security and privacy, ensuring that incidents like these are swiftly addressed and rectified to maintain the trust and confidence of their employees and customers.