A10 Security Alliance formed to offer integrated security solutions

A10 Networks, a provider of application networking solutions, has unveiled the A10 Security Alliance, an ecosystem of security and networking companies that are working together to help mitigate threats and automate security operations.

Partners who have joined the Alliance include RSA Alliance, Arista, FireEye, FlowTraq,  IBM Security, Ping Identity, Pulse Secure, Symantec, Vectra, Venafi, and Webroot.

“To combat cyber threats, organizations must develop an integrated defense that incorporates attack protection, forensics, authentication, visibility, and more. The A10 Security Alliance provides an ecosystem of validated and integrated solutions that helps our customers architect secure data centers and improve efficiency,” said Raj Jalan, chief technology officer, A10 Networks.

A10 Security Alliance has developed specialized solutions for data centers that deliver critical best-of-breed security capabilities required to detect and eliminate advanced threats; lower data breach expenses, and reduce the cost of security operations.

The A10 Security Alliance empowers organizations to solve today’s top security challenges with integrated and tested solutions, A10 said.

A10 Thunder Series products, in conjunction with A10 Security Alliance members’ products, offer solutions covering SSL visibility to detect advanced threats, authentication for federated security and single-sign-on, automated SSL certificate management and protection, threat and URL intelligence for effective policy decisions, and more.

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