72% Indian enterprises faced mobility incidents in past 12 months: Symantec

Infotech Lead Asia: 72 percent of Indian businesses have faced mobility incidents in the past 12 months, according to a Symantec survey.

The mobile incidents were mainly due to malware infections, spam incidents, exposures of information, breach of content due to lost/stolen devices and phishing/social engineering instances.

Enterprises are embracing mobility, with 7 in 10 Indian respondents to the Symantec State of Mobility Survey 2013 perceiving the benefits of mobility as equal to or outweighing the risks.

The Symantec State of Mobility Survey 2013 says that 37 percent of Indian businesses have faced revenue loss due to mobility mishaps, with 1 in 3 businesses facing direct financial loss in the past 1 year.

With such high risks involved 45 percent enterprises have ensured that mobile devices that connect to the network have proper safeguards installed and 40 percent restrict mobile device usage through HR enforcement, and 38 percent use technology controls to mitigate the risks.

Meanwhile, according to a Norton survey, Indians are addicted to their mobile devices. They are more susceptible to losing their mobile phone or having them stolen at 53 percent across Asia Pacific.

Mobile Insights from Norton Cybercrime Report 2012 says 69 percent of consumers access Internet through their mobile devices and 31 percent access work emails on their mobile devices.

29 percent users do not maintain passwords on their mobile devices and 40 percent people do not use any mobile security solutions and 1 in 4 not aware of such solutions, making them vulnerable to different kinds of mobile attacks that may lead to misuse of personal and work information and substantial financial losses.

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