Xirrus unveils EasyPass to provide Wi-Fi for BYOD

Xirrus has announced a suite of services, EasyPass, which manage mobile device connections to Wi-Fi networks in the simplest way with minimal IT involvement.

The company said EasyPass can manage any number, or type, of device on the Wi-Fi network by delivering the simplest and fastest onboarding process.

EasyPass streamlines device onboarding for employees and guests.

Xirrus EasyPass is easy to install and manage and also eliminates complexity. The newly launched suite works across all platforms and operating systems regardless of device.

Company officials said EasyPass requires no training to implement and lowers installation costs and integration requirements via a cloud-hosted solution. The suite of solution is free with XMS-Cloud subscription.

Xirrus has launched EasyPass suite of services with three modules EasyPass Onboarding, EasyPass Guests and EasyPass Voucher.

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EasyPass Onboarding provides device-independent secure access for known users such as employees or students and ensures each user’s connection is individually secured.

Also, users can self-register without any assistance and delivers fast and easy Wi-Fi access for anyone on any device with EasyPass Guest.

Additionally, EasyPass Voucher allows guests to access Wi-Fi with pre-created voucher codes.

“EasyPass addresses the pain points IT departments face due to the growing number of disparate devices on their Wi-Fi networks,” said Bruce Miller, vice president of product marketing at Xirrus.

In March, Hanson Enterprises selected Xirrus Wi-Fi for seamless guest connectivity in their facilities.

Shilpa Khatri

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