Xamarin collaborates with Oracle to enhance enterprise mobility

Xamarin has joined hands with Oracle to implement high-quality mobile apps and gain a competitive advantage.

Enterprises can create scalable mobile solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows with secure data integration and management using Xamarin SDK for Oracle Mobile Cloud Service.

The company said new SDK along with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, a next generation mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS), has made enterprise mobility simple and easy.

Additionally, enterprises can create fully native, high-performance iOS, Android and Windows apps in shared code with Xamarin.

Company officials said developers can connect their Xamarin apps to the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service for robust backend access, including enterprise security, push notifications, authentication, backend integrations, data storage, diagnostics and analytics.


This apart, enterprises can ensure quality, performance and rapid iteration through a combination of Xamarin Test Cloud, Xamarin Insights and Oracle Mobile Cloud Service’s analytics capabilities by testing and monitoring the apps.

“Through our collaboration with Oracle, significantly more companies can create high-performance, native mobile apps and easily connect them to their backend systems,” said Nat Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Xamarin.

The user can access Xamarin SDK for Oracle Mobile Cloud Service from xamarin.com/oracle.

In April, Accenture expanded the Accenture Life Sciences Cloud for Research and Development (R&D) powered by Oracle.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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