Mindtree signs digital deal with Kellogg

IT services company Mindtree announced its digital deal with Kellogg Company to manage its global digital marketing platform.

Mindtree will manage and support the marketing IT infrastructure to execute Kellogg’s brand efforts and digital marketing innovation across 400+ digital properties.

This apart, Mindtree will support Kellogg’s digital initiatives with more than 100 monthly production deployments.

“Mindtree and Kellogg have brought a metrics driven approach to supporting our digital marketing platform, which is speeding up our ability to deliver, allowing us to focus on delivering superior marketing capabilities,” said Erik Kamman, senior IT director, Kellogg Company.

digital deal with Kellog

Mindtree will leverage the latest in security technologies and cloud infrastructure to support global efforts across more than 50 brands. It will focus on quick turnarounds and increasing speed to market, all while partnering with 10 creative and digital agencies, as well as many other specialists.

Mindtree’s Gainesville delivery center will be utilized for providing a U.S. based team to Kellogg. The client will also benefit from Mindtree’s other global offices. Mindtree will use the MWatch, its infrastructure management platform, for ensuring uptime for their consumer-facing properties globally.

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