IBM brings Event Readiness services to boost online sales

Enterprise IT vendor IBM said its Event Readiness services will enable businesses in retail, banking, telecommunications and manufacturing to prepare for surges in online traffic and sales.

IBM said the new service enables brands to utilize unexpected spikes to create sales opportunities, engaging with the consumer and building brand loyalty.

IBM experts will work closely with clients through a series of questions that analyze the capacity of the current infrastructure in place and the potential impediments. Insights can be used by teams to identify specific areas of risk, concern and exposure, including potential security vulnerabilities, and then deliver the hands-on services and support to tackle unexpected issues.

Ponemon Institute says online outages or site crashes can cost a business $5,600 per minute. With incident lengths averaging 90 minutes, a single event can drive away loyal customers, tarnish the brand’s reputation and threaten critical revenue streams.

Tom Blaisdell, senior marketing manager for eCommerce, Hanesbrands Inc., a clothing and apparel company, said that IBM is helping brands ensure their infrastructure can meet the expectations of today’s customers.
IBM Commerce
IBM Event Readiness also gives brands additional assurances that they are prepared for the surges in activity that come around all key retail holidays, from Back to School, Cyber Monday and Father’s Day.

Deepak Advani, general manager, IBM Commerce, said: “Today, there are 5.2 billion mobile users who are connecting with brands 24/7 so even the shortest periods of disruption, whether on the site or in the supply chain, can become the weakest link for a brand.”

Smartphones are becoming the mobile device of choice for consumers, driving 35.3 percent of all online traffic compared to tablets at 12.5 percent while nearly closing the gap when it comes to online sales.

83 percent of Sports Apparel and Gear and 75 percent of Home Goods retailers presented customers with large, high-resolution images as they browsed for gifts which more effectively engaged shoppers, improved product identification and increased sales conversion rates.

38 Percent of Home Goods and 31 percent of Sports Apparel and Gear Retailers increased conversion rates by highlighting savings details on the items in the customer’s buy box including the percentage discount off the original price and the dollar amount they will be saving.

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