Digital India: Phase II of eCourts Mission Mode Project approved

New Delhi, July 16: The Union cabinet on Thursday approved the second phase of ‘eCourts Mission Mode Project’ at an estimated cost of Rs.1,670 crore.

The project is aimed at providing necessary hardware and software applications to enable courts to deliver e-services to citizens, and to enable the judiciary to better monitor and manage the functioning of courts.

“It envisages enhanced Information and Communications Technology for courts through universal computerization cloud computing, digitization of case records and enhanced availability of e-services through e-filing, e-payment gateways and mobile applications etc,” an official statement said.

The Phase II of the project would help in the automation of workflow management in courts, thereby contributing to better court and case management.

Touch screen-based kiosks and video conferencing facility will be installed at all court complexes and corresponding jails, the statement added.

In Phase I, more than 13,000 district and subordinate courts were computerized and case information linked to respective district court websites.

Case status information in respect of over five crore pending and decided cases and more than one crore orders/judgments are available online.

Litigants and lawyers are also provided services through judicial service centers on the court complexes.

More than 24 crore hits have already been recorded regarding online access of court information.


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