Collaboration tech can help companies save up to $30K per employee a year

Companies may lose US $30,000 per employee per year due to inefficiency but collaboration technology helps worker to connect and share information in real-time, according to a study from SAP SE along with IDC.

The SAP SE report revealed workers are severely hampered by everyday tasks, including reading and responding to email and searching for and gathering information.

According to the report, social collaboration tools like SAP Jam helps facilitate faster, more informed decisions and improve the quality of the work that is critical to business success.

Additionally, the report revealed social collaboration platforms can meet line-of-business challenges.

Collaboration technology can speed up employee onboarding by connecting new hires with recommendations for people, content and training and deliver intelligent filtering of appropriate training and development information as well as detailed management of personnel information.

Social collaboration platform can also facilitate an open and transparent dialogue with customers throughout the lifetime of their relationship with a company.


Additionally social collaboration platform connect marketing teams with data from business users, customers, partners or suppliers to help reduce marketing costs and increase response time for marketing.

Also, internal teams from across the country can be connected to ensure rapid resolution of issues to speed sales cycles and improve the quality of the customer interaction.

Meanwhile, SAP Jam, a collaborative platform, supports the work processes and applications while driving real results.

“The ability to link employees, partners, suppliers and customers together in order to deliver right time information and context to interactions is at the epicenter of competitive differentiation,” said Vanessa Thompson, research director, Enterprise Social Networks and Collaborative Technologies, IDC Research.

Shilpa Khatri

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