BT Technology helps Williams Martini Racing to improve performance

BT Technology has helped Williams Martini Racing to improve car performance with the team through real time pitstop practice data analysis, accelerated race video analysis, improved applications performance and real time telemetry.

The Williams Martini Racing team can connect with the race team from trackside around the world to race operations center in Grove, UK with the help of BT.

The company said it has helped Williams Martini Racing team to securely sent and analyze 60 and 80 GB of raw data in real time produced with each race.

In addition, engineers at the track side and at the Grove race operations room can share and analyze very large quantities of data in real time.

The new network infrastructure has been optimized through the deployment of acceleration capabilities, removing latency issues when race teams communicate with the control center back home.


Engineers can also improve car performance during practice, in qualifying and in the race itself.

“The connectivity that BT is providing us has enabled our engineers to work in a much closer and much faster way,” said Claire Williams, deputy team principal and commercial director at Williams Martini Racing.

Last month, BT signed an agreement with Check Point Software Technologies to embed additional security capabilities into BT’s global network, enabling customers to securely access cloud-based applications wherever they are hosted.

In May, BT announced its deal with Methanex, a producer and supplier of methanol, to modernize and consolidate its networking and communications infrastructure.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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