Autonet Mobile and AT&T to deliver car solution

Autonet Mobile and AT&T together will deliver next generation of connected car solution and services to the automotive market.

Consumers can access their cars from their phones and allow Auto OEM’s to update their cars while on the road with the help of the new mobile application.

The company claims that driver can protect the secure and proprietary vehicle information when connected to the cloud.

Car owners use Autonet Mobile’s integrated telematics applications and solutions running on AT&T 4G LTE network to control their connected cars remotely through an app on their smartphone.

They can find and track vehicle locations, receive vehicle health reports for timely maintenance, receive instant alerts when airbags are deployed, connect mobile devices to the internet through the in car Wi-Fi hotspot, and more.


AT&T is able to offer connected services to a broader range of vehicles and automakers, by leveraging Autonet Mobile’s technology and service management platform.

Autonet’s technology will help the automakers to monitor how their vehicles perform and also fix problems and improve vehicle performance through Over the Air Updates (OTA) between the manufacturer and the vehicle.

“Commercial partnership like this with AT&T will accelerate the adoption of connected cars and deployment of new connected service capabilities. We have invented and patented several new technologies that could complement the AT&T Drive platform, and we look forward to showing them in the AT&T Drive Studio,” said Philip Hughes, president of Autonet Mobile.

Last month, AT&T introduced new enhancements to AT&T Enhanced Push to talk (EPTT) and Integrated Dispatch to improve business mobility and expands new market.

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