Arval selects Sierra Wireless to build telematics solution

Arval has selected Sierra Wireless device-to-cloud technology to build its new global telematics solution.

Arval and its customers can monitor and manage a vehicle’s usage through a telematics on-board unit wirelessly connected to the cellular network with Sierra Wireless AirPrime embedded modules as Arval telematics leverages the Sierra Wireless AirVantage cloud.

The company said fleet managers can track mileage, fuel consumption, driver behavior, and maintenance, as well as utilize usage-based insurance (UBI) models for cost savings.

Additionally, AirVantage cloud provides an accelerated development path and leverages standard device protocols to make it compatible with a wide variety of connected devices.

Company officials said AirVantage also provides the data services to surely collect, store and organize data streams.

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In addition, customers can manage large deployments with dashboards and APIs to monitor the health of machines in the field and update them when required.

“Sierra Wireless delivered the expertise and global scale we needed, delivering a full solution that integrates the devices, the device data, our mobile network operator’s infrastructure, and our back-end IT systems,” said Paul Gourlet, Technology director for Arval.

Few days ago, Sierra Wireless acquired MobiquiThings, an MVNO focused on managed connectivity services for the Internet of Things (IoT), for €14 million in cash.

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