ZTE launches Green uSmartDC Solution for cloud data center

ZTE has launched its green uSmartDC solution to assist customers to build cloud based data centers (DC).

The data center solution will cover all data center links from equipment room construction to the multi-DC management and can prevent the isolation of service processes.

ZTE said multiple DCs can be interconnected with the help of network function virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN) technologies. The IT resource architecture is build to ensure real time data communications, dynamic deployment of application services and multi DC integration and hybrid cloud.

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The solution’s power consumption is low and that the power usage effectiveness (PUE) can reach 1.06 lower than the standard 1.5 PUE of an energy efficient DC as ZTE has used natural resources in the uSmartDC solution like evaporative cooling technology, climate to cool the equipment.

The uSmartDC is suited to become an optimal platform to support the ICT convergence, said ZTE in a statement.

Recently, ZTE launched the cloud desktop integration solution based on the server and PC virtualization technology to enable users to access the cloud desktop with the terminal laptop, pad, thin terminal, netbook/cloudbook or PC at anytime, anywhere by combining high performance computing and 3D design scenarios.

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