Zebra Technologies unveils ARM mbed IoT Starter Kit for Zatar

Zebra Technologies has partnered with ARM to develop an ARM mbed IoT Starter Kit for Zatar.

Powered by Atmel’s Xplained board the new Kit will enable simple standard based cloud connectivity for creating next generation internet aware, enterprise products integrated with Zebra IoT cloud platform.

The company will display the prototype of the IoT Starter Kit on May 15-16, 2015 at the 2015 Maker Faire event in San Mateo, California.

The ARM mbed IoT Starter Kit for Zatar supports the large IoT commitments of enterprises as it is a ready-made, standards-based reference design that helps rapidly spur applications.

The Starter Kit also builds and releases next generation products to production.


Leveraging the ARM mbed to IoT Device Platform the kit provide Wi-Fi connectivity, security and enterprise-grade cloud integration for product developers to use.

Also, the embedded ecosystem is adopting ARM mbed to create and build standards-based IoT products.

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Company officials said using the ARM mbed IoT Starter Kit for Zatar, development time can be reduced while decreasing expenses with the standards-based reference design that integrates into Zatar.

Additionally, the IoT Starter Kit will use the Atmel SAM W25 Xplained PRO prototyping and evaluation platform consisting of a pre-configured Atmel | SMART ARM microcontroller development board.

“The kit will simplify enterprise IoT device and service creation through mbed OS and Zatar, accelerating solutions by utilizing a complete reference design and open standards,” said Zach Shelby, vice president, marketing for IoT Business, ARM.

In March, Zebra released a report according to which 90 percent of transportation and logistics (T&L) companies will either have or will plan to deploy the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions within a year.

Shilpa Khatri

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