Yamaha expands router and switch range in Asia

Infotech Lead Asia: Yamaha has expanded its presence in Asia by launching switches and routers in Thailand and Malaysia.

The company’s switches and routers are already available in Japan.

In IT markets of Thailand and Malaysia, Yamaha’s Gigabit VPN Router, RTX810, alongside the Smart L2 Switches, SWX2200-8G and SWX2200-24G, will be available starting from this month.

Since entering the Japanese router market in 1995, Yamaha has been supplying a number of products that focus on business-use routers.

In Thailand and Malaysia, products will be sold through local distributors.

Yamaha claims that its innovated technologies such as the VPN and IPv6. Cumulative shipment of these products has reached 2.4 million units, earning Yamaha the No. 1 market share position of enterprise routers in Japan.

Yamaha aims to establish stable corporate networks across SME offices in Thailand and Malaysia.

In addition, Yamaha will promote simple and efficient network settings and management through various functions, including visualization of LANs, which have achieved popularity in Japan’s market, in the course of the sale of smart L2 switches, SWX2200-8G and SWX2200-24G.

Yamaha on Wednesday said the sale of switches and routers will facilitate the management and settings across all offices in Japan, China, Thailand, and Malaysia by using the same Yamaha network products.

The company is also planning to gain a better understanding of the network requirements of products and services in these two countries as it continues to develop the business in neighboring countries and expanding its product and service portfolios.

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