Yahoo Japan deploys Brocade Ethernet fabric solution for big data project

Yahoo Japan has deployed a Brocade Ethernet fabric solution as the network foundation for a big data project.

The Brocade Ethernet fabric has cut operational costs in half compared to the prior infrastructure.

The primary objective of the Big Data project was to maintain its innovation leadership in providing Internet services to users.

The Internet company uses Hadoop to analyze information obtained from its website and leverages data for improving the quality of Yahoo Japan’s services, as well as creating new services. Hadoop is also used to support e-commerce and to enable millions of daily personalized and relevant content recommendations for the company’s user base.

Brocade enterprise networking vendor

“Besides delivering the high-performance needed to support enormous traffic processing for our new Hadoop environment, the Brocade VCS Fabric has allowed us to reduce the time spent on network deployment and operation by more than half, which has significantly lowered operational costs,” said Kenya Murakoshi, manager of Data Center Network, Infrastructure Engineering Department, Site Operation Division, Yahoo Japan.

Yahoo Japan selected Brocade VDX Ethernet Fabric modular and fixed-port network switches replacing a legacy Spanning Tree Protocol-based network.

The new automated network infrastructure connects hundreds of servers supporting thousands of nodes dedicated to supporting Hadoop analysts across the entire enterprise.

In addition to Brocade VDX 8770 modular chassis switches, Yahoo Japan has deployed fixed-port Brocade VDX switches to build fabrics for smaller Hadoop infrastructures used for other projects at Yahoo Japan group companies.

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