Xirrus network powers Windmill Primary School for 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Windmill Primary School of the UK has deployed an 802.11ac Xirrus wireless network, using XR-620 Access Points (APs) to provide Wi-Fi connectivity for its staff and students.

Windmill Primary opted for Xirrus because its previous wireless network didn’t provide full coverage across every building.

Xirrus network enables the school to cope with increasing numbers of concurrent users across the entire site. The main benefit from Xirrus was that it helped Windmill Primary advance its network by delivering consistent wireless coverage for digital learning initiatives.

Xirrus’s Wi-Fi support laptop use for all students and tablets for all staff, such as iPads and Lenovo Yogas. This apart, it is designed to support Sahara LED screens, WePresent, which is used by teachers to control what’s shown on the students’ screens from their own device.

School official say the institution is committed to purchasing 360 802.11ac compatible laptops for every student next academic year.

With the Xirrus network, the school is now looking to roll-out a tablet scheme for all students in the next 12 months to deliver 100 percent IT mobility.

Shane Buckley, CEO of Xirrus, said: “We have the technology to translate usual education processes into captivating classroom experiences, which both engage students and give staff the flexibility and ease to manage classes in efficient and effective ways.”

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