Wind turbine co. BARD Engineering deploys Dell storage solution

Infotech Lead Europe: Germany-based BARD Engineering has deployed a Dell storage solution.

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As BARD Engineering monitors each wind turbine as well as controlling entire farms, the amount of data collected has grown significantly.

Dell’s storage solution is expected to address growing data volumes that have resulted from the constant monitoring and controlling of offshore wind farms.

Utilizing Dell’s storage solution, BARD Engineering benefits from 120 TBs of storage capacity to automatically collect data that can be calculated and analyzed daily before being dynamically moved to archives.

BARD Engineering chose Dell storage for its virtualized, scalable disk pools and agile architecture, which can support the company’s growth as well as new offshore wind-farm technologies.

Before implementing the new solution, the company migrated 40 TB of data without disrupting day-to-day business. The business is constantly generating new data in the amount of 1 TB every three months.

Andreas Fischer, head of IT at BARD Engineering, said: “Combined with exceptional service and support throughout planning, implementation and operation phases, we benefit from a storage infrastructure that is proactively monitored by Dell and covered by a four hour on-site service support in the instance of any hard disk failure.”

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