Wind River unveils Open Network Software for data center switches

Wind River has released Wind River Open Network Software for the development of next-generation data center switches, enabling the creation of SDN-optimized network switches, offering true separation of networking data and control planes.

Open Network Software is an open software environment for the creation of network switches for software defined networks and infrastructures. The software provides the tools and resources to create, modify and update network layers’ L1, L2+, and L3+ functionality. It is designed with a flexible and modular open architecture with standard interfaces for management and control.

Fujitsu is one of the customers who have adopted Open Network Software.

Open Network Software is highly extensible and allows for the seamless addition of third-party applications. It also supports an extensive suite of networking protocols. The software is well matched for use cases such as top-of-rack (ToR) switches in large data centers, blade and micro-servers, and as a platform for a variety of network appliances.


The promise of software defined networking (SDN) offers a vision for more centralized and agile network control via virtualization of data center resources.

Open Network Software enables the separation of the data plane and control plane so that companies can begin to manage network services through abstraction as virtual services, and embrace technologies such as SDN and cloud computing.

Wind River Open Network Software supports the Intel Open Network Platform (ONP) Switch Reference Design and has been optimized for Intel hardware to provide high performance and flexibility.

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