Vodafone steps up enterprise mobility biz

Infotech Lead Europe: Vodafone Group recently announced a number of initiatives that will strengthen its presence in the global enterprise market.

Vodafone Group and Polkomtel jointly announced the formation of a new Partner Market agreement in Poland.

Under the agreement, Vodafone’s multinational customers will benefit from the addition of Poland to their existing contracts for international managed services, while continuing to be serviced via a single point of contact. Polkomtel will benefit from access to Vodafone best practice and to joint products and services for business and consumer customers.

Polkomtel has a customer base of approximately 14 million and provides services in Poland under the Plus brand. Vodafone’s operations in the region include the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Romania. Vodafone’s Partner Market agreements in the region include Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine. Vodafone disposed of a minority stake of 24.4 percent in Polkomtel in 2011 as part of its strategy to realise value from its non-controlled assets.

Ravinder Takkar, CEO, Vodafone Partner Markets, said: “Our agreement with Polkomtel provides an opportunity for Vodafone to strengthen further its presence in Eastern Europe.”

Zygmunt Solorz-Żak, president of Polkomtel, said: “This agreement is good news for our customers and it is another important step for Polkomtel to offer more than our competitors.”

Meanwhile, Vodafone announced that New Zealand Police has chosen Vodafone New Zealand as its partner for mobile communications in a 10 year fully outsourced deal.

From April this year, Vodafone New Zealand will deliver customised mobile services and smartphones to NZ Police, enabling more than 6,000 frontline response, investigation and community Police officers to securely access information about suspects, vehicles and locations while on the move. Almost 4,000 of these officers who need to undertake more complex data entry as part of their job will also be provided with a tablet.

Frontline staff gain 30 minutes productivity per shift, which equates to approximately 520,000 hours each year – the equivalent of about 345 frontline officers. The expected time savings of 30 minutes per officer per shift will be reinvested into preventative policing activities.

The initial cost of the rollout is NZ$4.3 million. Over the next 10 years, New Zealand Police will spend NZ$159 million in operating expenditure to fund the technology rollout. Over the same period, the move is expected to provide New Zealand Police with productivity benefits of NZ$304.8 million.

New Zealand Police Commissioner Peter Marshall said: “We believe greater use of modern technology is the way of the future; it’s common sense, and will ensure officers can remain on the frontline rather than returning to stations to complete paperwork.”

Vodafone New Zealand CEO Russell Stanners said: “Vodafone invests over $100 million a year in our network in New Zealand and this year’s investment programme, focused on delivering speeds up to twice as fast through 42Mb/s technology, means our customers – including Police – can do what they need to do, faster with the latest technology.”

In another deal, ThyssenKrupp selected Vodafone to provide mobile communications services in Germany and 29 other countries across Europe, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Vodafone will provide the industrial corporation with 60,000 mobile voice and data connections and services including mobile device management. Vodafone will also provide ThyssenKrupp with 50,000 machine-to-machine (M2M) cards which will aid the remote control and maintenance of industrial products including tens of thousands of ThyssenKrupp elevators and their emergency intercom systems. The new contract represents a doubling in volume of Vodafone’s previous contract with ThyssenKrupp.

Klaus Mühleck, CIO at ThyssenKrupp, said: “We decided to partner with Vodafone because it offers us excellent value for money and is able to meet our individual needs. On top, they offer a worldwide service management from one source.”

Jan Geldmacher, CEO Vodafone Global Enterprise, said: “We’re delighted that ThyssenKrupp has decided to expand its mobile communication services contract with Vodafone and that we’ll be working together even more closely in the future, particularly in the fast-growing machine-to-machine sector.”

With 9.7 million M2M connections and over 250 M2M specialists around the world, Vodafone is a leading provider in this fast-growing market.

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