Vmersion-Health launches mobile application for diabetic patients

Infotech Lead America: Vmersion-Health has launched Gluco-Share, a mobile smart device application.

The Gluco-Share app that connects people living with diabetes with their family and friends through a private and secure social media network is a free download available at the Apple iTunes store.

Gluco-Share enables diabetes patients to monitor their blood sugar levels and to communicate that information in real time to their circle of family and friends.

“The daily support and understanding people living with diabetes receive from their social circle can make a significant difference in how effectively they manage the disease,” said Joseph Madden, president and CEO of Vmersion-Health.

Gluco-Share uses technology available on a smart device – data input, chat, text, notifications and badges- to create a private, secure and fun supportive social network.

Gluco-Share shares data, chat, challenges and games among multiple users in the member’s network. Unlike other diabetes apps that use email, Gluco-Share allows real-time data sharing and chat. The user’s network of family and friends instantaneously receive text messages, glucose-checking notifications, and game and challenge status updates.

The Gluco-Share app provides the option to register via Facebook. The app has online manuals and videos to assist in registering and using Gluco-Share and its many features.

Vmersion-Health is creating and aggregating information, commentary, blogs and real-life stories of how people are finding effective ways to manage their condition and better enjoy their lives.

Vmersion-Health also promotes the Diabetic Youth Foundation and their camp programs, most notably their summer family camps at Bearskin Meadow in California’s Sequoia National Park.

Gluco-Share version 1.1 is designed for use on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The app is available for download, free, as a “health and fitness” application at the Apple iTunes store.

Vmersion-Health will introduce a version of the Gluco-Share website specifically designed for use on mobile devices and an Android-compatible version of the app in the near future.

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