Vitesse SparX-III Ethernet switches offer 70% faster time-to-market

Vitesse Semiconductor today introduced the latest generation of its SparX-III Ethernet switches, offering nearly 70 percent faster time-to-market over traditional methods.

The new series of SparX-III Ethernet switches – VSC7420-04,VSC7421-04 and VSC7422-04 – are optimized for industrial IoT applications, including building automation, manufacturing automation, intelligent transportation, smart energy, and video surveillance/security, said Vitesse Semiconductor in a statement.

Leveraging Vitesse’s newest SparX-III family, turnkey Ethernet hardware and software reference system and ODM model enables nearly 70 percent faster time-to-market over traditional methods.

Andy Ebert, senior product marketing manager at Vitesse, said: “OEM design and development costs typically skyrocket due to the variety of industrial systems and applications they must support. Vitesse offers a way to serve IoT market needs with a finite set of hardware and software solutions, generating significant OEM savings in development, inventory and certification costs.”

Vitesse’s latest SparX-III Ethernet switches support a variety of port counts, combinations of multiple interfaces, and advanced feature sets either using a single device, or a combination of multiple devices with compatible footprints.

Featuring Vitesse’s EcoEthernet 2.0, the SparX-III Ethernet switches, combined with 12-port i-temp PHY – VSC8522 – enable a range of energy efficient Gigabit Ethernet platforms, ranging from single chip, 10-port to 2-chip, 24-port count solutions.

Vitesse’s SparX-III Ethernet switch family is available with i-temp support, readily meeting systems requirements for rugged industrial and outdoor environments, the company said.

For optimal network control and delivery of differentiated services, Vitesse’s SparX-III Ethernet switches deliver basic VLAN, Q-in-Q, Quality of Service (QoS) and rate limiting processing.

InfotechLead News Team