Vidyo survey highlights the growing relevance of video collaboration in education sector


Virtual classrooms are increasingly being used to power universities and higher education classes. This trend helps drive the growth of video conferencing market.

According to the latest survey conducted by Vidyo, of students who are currently enrolled in universities and higher education classes, 30 percent of the respondents indicated that they will attend a Virtual or Distance Learning classroom in the coming academic year.

Video conferencing has evolved to become more affordable and accessible on laptops and mobile devices.

The survey showed that 41 percent of student respondents use video conferencing on a laptop or a mobile device for some type of school-related activities during the last academic year.

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Video conferencing is a functional enhancement to traditional classroom because it enables students to connect, not only from campus classrooms, but from wherever they are located, on devices that they use in their daily lives.

VidyoConferencing, the video conferencing solution from Vidyo, is widely used to deliver interactive video communication and collaboration in education.

Some of the institutions that have deployed Vidyo solution include Carnegie Mellon, Bellarmine, Northwestern, and Emory Universities in the U.S. and Kyushu University in Japan, Porto University in Portugal and Thinking Schools Academy in India, among others.

Vidyo’s video collaboration solutions have also been selected by renowned academic and research communities such as Internet2 and CERN provide further evidence of Vidyo’s mass adoption.

Vidyo for Education is based on the H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) standard. Vidyo’s SVC-based system allows a variety of different endpoints to join a video call over the Internet, or other public IP networks, whether from a classroom, a boardroom, or at home, by optimizing the use of available bandwidth.

The networking flexibility of its VidyoRouters gives IT managers in academic institutions the capability to optimize the traffic in complex education networks.

Vidyo’s solution provides a high level of stable, clear, visual communication, which is imperative for education purposes, since any distraction takes away from the learning experience, the company said.

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