Vidyo helps ANTHC provide better healthcare in Alaska

Infotech Lead America: Vidyo has partnered with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) to add Vidyo’s visual communications and collaboration capabilities to ANTHC’s existing statewide telehealth network — AFHCAN.

Vidyo’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are integrated with AFHCAN’s existing tConsult software-based system to give thousands of Alaska healthcare practitioners the ability to conduct real-time, high-definition video consultations and examinations with hundreds of thousands of patients in over 200 locations.

The technology gives practitioners access to information about the patients, and lets them use electronic stethoscopes and other devices remotely during the sessions.

Healthcare professionals can use Vidyo’s technology, to host visual consultation sessions with patients through laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices equipped with cameras.

The AFHCAN Telehealth program has more than 1,500 active providers in its network at any one time, with an average of 500 new providers each year.

With more than 200 sites scattered over 37 autonomous organizations at the end of land lines, satellite links, microwave towers, sea cables and other obstacles ANTHC faces the challenge of serving a geographically dispersed population of around 700,000 people who are spread out over 660,000 square miles. There are other problems that make communication and reliable connectivity difficult, such as mixed satellite connectivity, irregular bandwidth, high latency and terrestrial infrastructure.

tConsult was deployed statewide more than a decade ago and has vastly improved healthcare delivery in remote regions of Alaska. tConsult was initially intended to handle primary care workflows like specialty clinic referral, post-discharge continuity of care, and billing.

Vidyo’s APIs integrated with AFHCAN’s tConsult solution delivers cost-effective, scalable high-quality video via standard IP networks. The Vidyo solution performs seamlessly on PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, smartphone and also with legacy equipment.

Vidyo’s software communication platform can be customized for healthcare needs be integrated into other healthcare solutions. The VidyoRouter architecture eliminates the MCU while enabling high-quality video to work over the Internet, LTE and 4G networks. Vidyo provides HIPAA-compliant security.

According to a report by Ovum, video conferencing can considerably impact care outcomes and patient and practitioner satisfaction when it is properly integrated into healthcare systems and working practices. Vidyo also serves the enterprise sector and competes with rivals such as Polycom and Sysco.


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