University of Columbia upgrade its MPLS network with RADWIN 2000 D+

University in Colombia has selected the RADWIN 2000 D+ Point-to-Point (PtP) radios to upgrade its MPLS network.

RADWIN D+ will support applications including internet browsing, database replication, IP telephony, videoconferencing and remote video surveillance with high speed connectivity.

The company said it will also provide mega-capacity of up to 750 Mbps and can operate even in strong RF interference conditions.

Additionally, the company announced WiCom Networks, provider of integrated solutions in information Technology and Communications, was in charge of project design and implementation.

In May, CALIFORNIA INTERNET deployed the RADWIN 2000 D+ Point-to-Point radios which deliver unprecedented capacity of 750 Mbps.


“We tested several different vendors. The radios transmit in non-line-of-sight and severe temperature fluctuations while providing 99.9999% availability,” said Jose Guevara Baquero, IT manager, Fundacion Universitaria del Area Andina (FUAA).

“RADWIN 2000 D+ PtP raidos set a new benchmark in the wireless industry, delivering unprecedented capacity at the most competitive price,” said Uri Ofri, RADWIN’s general manager CALA.

Last month, EL NIDO ECO RESORTS Group in Palawan, Philippines deployed RADWIN 2000 point-to-point systems for over-water connectivity, linking the luxury island resorts in Lagen, Miniloc and Pangulasian and enabling EL NIDO to establish its own private network

Also, Tel Aviv, in February, launched the RADWIN 2000 D+ Series, a new line of point-to-point 5 GHz radios delivering 750 Mbps net throughput to support the huge surge in demand for more capacity across all industries.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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