Unicel Technologies plans expansion

Unicel Technologies, a provider of enterprise messaging solutions, is planning major expansion.

The capacity expansion is focused on achieving 60-70 percent revenue target this year, Vinay Agrrawal, founder & MD, Unicel Technologies, told InfotechLead.com.

Unicel Technologies’ annual revenue rose around 90 percent last year. “We will be aiming for growth across levels, with a turnover estimation of Rs 150 crore by 2015,” Agrrawal added.

The company will be expanding its present capacity to 100,000 transactions per second. Unicel’s middleware is built on the same technology platform that NASA uses.

This has enabled Unicel to increase its throughput capacity, bandwidth to handle large workloads effortlessly and seamless integration across all communication platforms.

The Bangalore-based Unicel Technologies, which focuses on offering voice and text based services to Indian enterprises, will be expanding resources by 10-15 percent in coming years from 110 at present.

Unicel Technologies, which started the enterprise messaging business in 2003, will be aiming to achieve 20-25 percent revenue from VoIP / e-mail services from 3 percent.

Currently, SMS contributes around 95 percent revenue. The company operates largely in the SMS, voice and data space. SMS solutions cover the entire gamut of requirements from group and large scale messaging to customized solutions for specific verticals like banking, government, retail, pharmacy and more. Voice has services like outbound diallers and hosted inbound calling solutions.

The company’s client base of over 700 enterprises includes the largest Fortune 500 companies and some of the best known brands.

The company has regional offices in Delhi,   Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai.

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