Ulterius integrates routing, switching, security in single device

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Today Ulterius Technologies launched the Flat Data Network-640 device incorporating Aricent software stacks.

The device, known as FDN-640 for short, is a unified routing, switching and WiFi appliance featuring carrier-grade security.

At Mobile World Congress, Ulterius Technologies will show the platform’s multi-protocol credentials with a demonstration of secure Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) transmission.

In a press statement, Ulterius said, The device has been engineered to break down the complexity of both carrier and enterprise networks while increasing data security.

The company claimed that FDN-640 enforces “zerotrust” networking due to firewall policies residing on every device installed on a network.  It also reduces the number of routers and switches required to transmit data and simplifies network administration through a single software interface.

FDN-640 is Ulterius Technologies’ first and flagship device launch since the company’s emergence from stealth mode in 2016.  The company was found in 2016.

The platform was built on the framework of Aricent’s integrated carrier and enterprise software stacks.  Aricent is a global design and product engineering services company, whose software stacks lie at the heart of many of the world’s leading networks and devices.

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